Due to those who may not “want” Patriots For Justice to exercise our Constitutional 1st Amendment, calling for Equal Justice For All, we are NOT releasing the Tour meet up location until later in the week on the equaljusticetour.com website. (It will be within a 13.6 mile radius of Chappaqua)

Tune in to:

– The Hagmann Report – https://hagmannreport.com

– Coach Dave Live – https://coachdavelive.com

This week for additional details:

– We will have live music by: Kenneth Hall

– A few words by:

Coach Dave Daubenmire

Doug Hagmann

Slogans for Signs:

Stay focused on the 14th Amendment, equality for ALL, which equals; Equal Justice For ALL.

Please feel free to use any of the following examples:

– Equal Justice For ALL

– Hillary Lied Innocent Americans Died

– Apparently Justice Only Applies To Citizens

– “What Difference At This Point Does it make”

– Bleach Your Whitie Tighties NOT your Emails and Servers

– I Heard Orange And Black Jump Suits Are In This Season

Decorate your car at the meet area, using window paint markers

Stay Tuned For Additional Updates

No American Is Above The Law



The Equal Justice Tour Team